Retreaders solutions

Building the future together

Your business is our business, which is why we want to help you work in the best possible way and achieve the best possible results. This approach has made us leaders in cold retreading, with more than 30% of retreads in Europe made using our technology.

Retreading systems

​Our mission is to provide our partners all the tools needed to ensure ultra-high performance truck tyre retreading. Our integrated system of products, technologies and services means we can help our partners establish the right conditions to achieve both efficiency and excellence.

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Maximum product and process quality, lower operating costs, safety and care for the environment.


The precured treads retreading

The made-to-measure solution.


​Our vast assortment of products respond to all requirements and assures specific performance for different needs: from city transport to long distances, from bitumen to demanding off-road applications.

Product ranges overview

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The precured ring tread that revolutionises the concept of retreading.


The precured treads range

The most complete tread assortment currently available on the market.

Services & programs

​Marangoni Retreading Systems accompanies the production process with a series of services aimed at constantly supporting partners and improving operation efficiency. In addition to these, we provide consulting services aimed at boosting our partners' technical and managerial capacities.